franCie. is an expert in all aspects of public relations. We deliver creative and focused press strategies and target our network of influencers at print, online and social media. The agency handles everything from collection management and product placement to editorials and creative collaborations. Our emphasis always lies on creating meaningful projects and sustainable PR strategies in order to create memories that last.


franCie. focuses on a human centered approach for the conception of strategies. We deliver professional consultancy services and identify opportunities to elevate the client’s public appearance. Starting with a thorough knowledge of the brand, we offer a 360° consultancy to determine immediate and long-term goals. From innovative and creative consulting to the development of brand strategies – we bring bold ideas to life!



franCie. manages all kinds of events to realize the client’s creative vision. From private dinners during international art fairs to boutique or restaurant openings, collection launches, parties or press days – we create events with a lasting impression and effective editorial coverage. 


franCie. develops digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business impact online. By elegantly forming a client’s online presence and audience engagement initiatives, we create authentic content across the web, mobile and social platforms. We have comprehensive experience working with digital influencers: from bloggers and online editors to photographers and filmmakers.



franCie. approaches the overall process of creating the client’s brand identity with an understanding of the brand’s voice. In cooperation with selected graphic designers, talented illustrators and photographers, we create logos, slogans and visual language, as well as a diverse spectrum of packaging items, print products and web designs with a vision of authentic design.


franCie. appreciates the uniqueness of every project and is prepared to cater to specific requirements, regardless of the size or type of event. The agency handles all project related organization, from initiating, planning and executing, to monitoring, controlling and closing of events & group relations. We are enthusiastic about the development and implementation of our client’s projects, starting with defining explicit marketing goals and realizing opportunities to achieve them.